Script Software Consultancy
Script Software Consultancy,About Us

Script Software Consultancy is in the business of providing premier Consulting, Website Development, Outsourcing & Application Development and Management services and Solutions to clients.

We provide such services and solutions for hiring organizations and career management for job seekers in the Information Technology skill areas.

At Script Software Consultancy, we believe that right results can be achieved by right people.

By understanding what drives our specialty industries, being involved on a professional and personal basis, following a disciplined process of identifying right quality applicants, partnering with employers to understand their core business, we achieve great results for all concerned.

Script Software Consultancy brings in a collective experience of more than 10 years in the business of providing global consultancy, website development, application development and management, and outsourcing service and solutions to aid your needs.

Contact Us for more information on Consulting, Website Development & Application Development, Oursourcing and Management needs.


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